Product Sourcing:

Unsecured personal loans for Si Creva and its associated financing partners across our apps – Kissht and PaywithRing

List of Activities carried out by Lead Sourcing Partners:

  1. Providing customer acquisition and engagement services for loan origination
  2. Undertake marketing of the financial products and digital propagation of the services, as provided / offered by Si Creva, on the Platform and other channels, as per the written instructions of Si Creva
  3. Assistance in collection of preliminary information and KYC documents as per compliance with KYC Regulations and IT Act
  4. Assistance in analysing RE’s customer risk profile on the basis of the pre-agreed parameters specified by RE prior to loan approval
  5. Provide calling services to Customers for both pre-loan sanction and post loan sanction, welcome calling, service calling and calling for such other purpose as may be required to give effect to the due execution of loan process