SiCreva understand the needs of its end users holistically and strives to effectively meet those needs.

The quote “A stich in time saves nine” clearly shows the importance of personal loan in our lives. Many of our loyal customers have had several other financial obligations to meet other than shopping, like:

  • Marriage expenses of a beloved one.
  • Education bills of your brilliant child.
  • Emergency hospitalization expenses of a family/friend.
  • Paying off another existing debt.
  • Paying off unpaid bills that are due for payment

To help you in such scenarios, SiCreva offers personal loan directly into your bank account, as it helps you tide over uncertain and emergency situations.

Moreover, personal loans can also help you fulfil your own dream as well as the dreams of your loved ones like:

  • Going on a dream vacation
  • Purchasing your dream gadget
  • Gifting your beloved one
  • And many more….

While personal loans can help you meet your immediate financial needs, a lot of lenders make it extremely difficult for you to get your personal approved by asking for collateral security, guarantor, excessive documents, unnecessary paper work, etc. We at SiCreva believe in making life easier for our customers and this belief has helped us design a process which eliminates all unnecessary steps involved in loan approval. Once users have provided all their documents, our proprietary algorithms and verification team determine the creditworthiness of users and facilitate loan approval & disbursal of amount in the shortest possible time.

Now get your personal approved in 3 simple steps:

  • Apply for loan online
  • Upload documents online
  • Get approval online and cash credited to your bank account by NEFT

Let’s take a look at the benefits of availing a Personal Loan from SiCreva:

Instant Eligibility Check

Get your online application conditionally approved in 60 Second.


Money directly in your bank account

Get cash loan credited directly into your bank account.


Loans from 10k to 2 lakhs

Avail a loan ranging from Rs.10,000 to Rs.200,000.


Online document verification

No hassles of hard copy documents. Simply submit soft copies of minimum required documents online and get your loan approved.


No Guarantor. No security

No need to find a guarantor or pledge anything as security for your loan with SiCreva.


No hidden charges

We believe in transparency and hence we have not kept and charges or penalties hidden from you. Refer the terms & Conditions to know about any charges or penalties that may be levied on your loan.


Click to access

Now access your loan account with a simple click by downloading the Kissht App and stay updated about your loan account.



How to apply for Personal Loan?

  • Download & login to the Kissht app OR login to
  • Select the personal loan amount of your choice
  • Fill basic information
  • Pay Processing fee (100% refundable if loan not approved by us or if cancelled by user before approval) Upload soft copy of minimum required documents
  • Our credit team will verify your documents and approve your loan accordingly
  • Cash is disbursed to your bank account by NEFT post loan approval


How much interest did SiCreva Charge?

The annual percentage rate (APR) depends on the product and the period of repayment that you choose. The APR ranges from 8% to 24%. Being said that, we do offer 0% interest for certain products categories.

How do I know whether I am eligible?

Any Indian citizen possessing 3 months Bank Statement & earning 15k or more per month is eligible for loan. At SiCreva, we do not measure creditworthiness through traditional channels such as your CIBIL score only. Instead, we study your digital footprint in addition to the information in the public domain such as your Aadhaar number and PAN card to assess how likely are you to repay your loan successfully. Positive spending habits such as paying bills on time, accurate personal information in public domain such as Aadhaar Card, and a good plan for repayment would increase your eligibility.


Can I apply for more than 1 Personal loan?

At a time you can apply only for 1 Personal loan. Another personal loan can be applied only after the 1st personal loan is fully repaid by you.


What is the choice of loan amount available under Personal loan?

Personal loan is available from 10,000 to 200,000.


What is EMI?

EMI refers to Equated Monthly Instalment. It simply means refers to a fixed amount paid by you (borrower) to SiCreva (lender) at a specific date every month. EMI enables you to pay a portion of your total outstanding loan principal and interest every month so that by end of the loan tenure your loan is fully repaid.


What will be the repayment schedule of the loan?

Depending on the amount of personal loan that you choose, your repayment schedule can range from a minimum of 3 months up to maximum of 24 months.


How long does it take to get a loan approved using online process?

Once we received all mandatory documents, we will provide approval immediately within 1-2 hours.


What is the process for loan approval?

  • Once you apply for a loan, our credit team verifies your documents within 4 min to maximum 4 hrs.
  • After docs are verified & approved, our team fixes a quick appointment with you and an executive visits your home address or office address to collect your signatures on ECS form and 1 post-paid cheque for the first EMI amount.
  • After our appointment is completed, our credit team gives final approval for your loan at the earliest and the disbursal of loan is initiated.


How can I make my EMI payments?

We don’t want to bother our customers with nitty-gritties of EMI. That’s why we set up an Auto Debit Instruction from your savings bank account so that the instalments are automatically deducted from it every month. Alternatively, till your ECS gets registered, you can also pay the EMI amount from your Net Banking, Debit card or Credit Card using the online link for EMI payment available on Kissht App.

Customers can also request for Cash or Cheque pick-up by paying a small convenience fee.


Can I foreclosure loan?

Yes, we do provide you the facility to foreclosure your loan and it can be done easily online. After successful foreclosure, a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) will also be sent to you on your registered email id.


What are the Foreclosure Charges for any loan?

  • For loans with tenure up to 6 months – 2.5% on Balance Principal Outstanding
  • For loans with tenure more than 6 months – 4% on Balance Principal Outstanding


Is there a requirement of security/guarantor?

No, we do not require any security or guarantor for approving your loan. Once we verify your basic information & documents, your loan will be approved by our credit team.


What is processing fee?

Processing fee is the fee charged for verification of your basic information and documents, getting the same approved by our credit team as well as for pick-up of your first EMI cheque and signed ECS form from your residence or office address. The company incurs a cost for this entire process which is why small processing fee is charged to customers.

Is my processing fee refunded if I cancel my loan application while it is in process?

Yes, we do refund your entire processing fee with down payment when you cancel a loan application while the document verification is in process.

If cancellation is done after all your documents are approved & our executive has completed visiting your address (for pick-up of 1st EMI cheque and signature on ECS form), then only down payment is refundable and not the processing fee. Being said that, cancellation can be done instantly by calling our customer care desk at 022-30148571 or by using Live Chat option inside Kissht App.