1. Who we are
    Si Creva Capital Services Private Limited is in the business of the provision of unsecured consumer and personal loans via partnerships with Kissht and PayWithRing, Loan Service Provider (LSP) owned by OnEMI Technology Solutions Private Limited.

    The Company aims to provide its customers with enhanced financial solutions to meet a range of needs, including quick access to funds for consumption, day-to-day purchases, emergency, working capital, etc.

    Our unsecured credit line and personal loan Product Programme have been developed to meet the changing needs of our customer segment. Through this programme, we are equipped to meet the financial needs of our customer segment who are in search of hassle free and swift access to funds.

    Key Features:

    • a. Unsecured credit line for quick financing
    • b. Addressing working capital needs
    • c. Simplifying Daily Transactions
    • d. Long Term Personal loan options
    • e. User-Friendly Interface
    • f. Rewards and Offers
  2. Product Parameters
    Key products offered by us include Transactional Credit, Short-Term Personal Loans (STPL) and Long-Term Personal Loans (LTPL). Key features of these products and parameters for customer selection are outlined below:
    a) Transactional credit is a predetermined credit limit designed to address customers’ immediate short-term needs. It offers flexibility, allowing customers to drawdown based on their requirements. It also provides convenience by allowing customers to consolidate their regular small expenses and pay for them together at the end of the billing cycle.
    b) Short-Term Personal Loans (STPL) cater to customers’ immediate & short-term credit needs.
    c) Long-Term Personal Loans (LTPL) are offered to select customers who have a stable risk profile and with whom we have developed a deeper understanding of their behaviour.

    Annex – I

    # Parameters Transaction Credit Personal Loans Short Term Personal Loans Long Term
    1 Borrower profile Salaried and Self-employed Salaried and self-employed Salaried and self-employed
    2 Age of borrower Minimum: 21 years
    Maximum: 54 years
    Minimum: 21 years
    Maximum: 54 years
    Minimum: 24 years
    Maximum: 54 years
    3 Loan / Limit Amount Minimum: Rs 3,000
    Maximum: Rs 30,000
    Minimum: Rs 8,000
    Maximum: Rs 30,000
    Minimum: Rs 20,000
    Maximum: Rs 500,000
    4 Rate of Interest (%) Maximum: 36% p.a. Maximum: 36% p.a. Maximum: 36% p.a.
    5 Processing / Transaction Fees (%)1,2 Minimum: 0%
    Maximum: 8%
    Minimum: 0%
    Maximum: 8%
    Minimum: 0%
    Maximum: 6%
    6 Tenor 30 days (25 days cycle + 5 days grace period), where customer needs to make bullet repayment for all drawdowns made during the cycle on the 30th day of the cycle i.e., the due date Minimum: 30 Day
    Maximum: 62 Days
    Minimum: 6 Months
    Maximum: 36 months Monthly EMI cycles
    7 Repayment Paid online through Net Banking, Debit Card, Wallet, or UPI Paid online through Net Banking, Debit Card, Wallet or UPI NACH/E-mandate, can also be paid online through Net Banking, Debit Card, Wallet or UPI

    1. Percentage of loan amount in case of processing fee for Personal Loans (exclusive of GST)
    2. Percentage of the drawdown amount in case of Transaction fee for Transaction Credit product (exclusive of GST)
    3. APR is the annualized cost of borrowing for a borrower, encompassing both the interest rate (ROI) and additional fees like processing fees or transaction fees.
    4. Our internal proprietary model classifies customers into different risk grades based on their risk profile. The pricing to the customer is determined on the basis of risk grades of the specific customer and pricing for the same loan product and same tenor availed during the same period by different customers cannot be standardized as it can vary for different customers based on risk gradation.
    5. All costs associated with the products such as weighted average cost of funds, opex cost, risk premium and margin are factored in for determining the pricing for the loan.
    6. Total pricing charged to all customers, irrespective of risk grading is below APR capping approved by the Board of Directors

  3. Credit Parameters and Risk gradation
    Based on underwriting parameters we have implemented risk gradation for evaluating borrower’s creditworthiness and offering suitable loan products. Risk grading enables the Company to differentiate customers across different risk spectrum and helps in applying risk premium to that customer. The risk premium attached with a customer shall be assessed inter-alia based on the following factors:

    • • profile of the customer;
    • • inherent nature of the product, type / nature of facility, refinance avenues, whether loan is eligible for bank financing, etc;
    • • overall customer yield, future potential, repayment capacity based on cash flows and other financial commitments of the customer, mode of payment;
    • • Risk premium/credit risk in the related business segment;
    • • Credit score of an individual which determines the credit payment history across loan types and credit institutions over a period of time;
    • • regulatory stipulations, if applicable; and<
    • • any other factors that may be relevant in a particular case.