Purchase finance loans is a finance option for purchase of items like Mobile Phones, Laptops, Washing Machines, TV’s, Electronics, Furniture, Microwave, Travel packages as well as high-value products like Jewellery items. We enable you to choose your own loan tenure depending on your choice & affordability and charge nominal rates of interest with minimal documentation.

Eligibility and required documents:

  • Customer age should be between 21* and 60 years of age
  • Regular source of income.
  • Aadhar card and PAN card.
  • One cheque
  • One passport size photograph
  • ECS mandate duly signed


What is SiCreva?

SiCreva is a registered Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) that enables instant, seamless credit for consumers to make purchases at digital points of sales. We help customers to buy latest mobile phones, laptops, consumer durables & many more on easy EMI without credit card. So the next times you want to buy the latest iPhone or Macbook or any of your favourite devices don’t let the lack of a credit option bother you.


What kind of products can I buy from SiCreva?

Phones/ laptops/ electronics and even furniture. You name it, we’ve got it! From interiors for decor to products that increase the productivity in your life (like a laptop or a phone), we give loans for everything.


How is SiCreva different from other players in the market providing EMIs on products?

Most of E-Commerce portals provide EMI on credit card. However, not everyone – especially young salaried & self-employed professionals – possesses credit cards. That is why SiCreva provides loans on your debit card (savings account) after assessing applicants’ creditworthiness using machine learning algorithms, big data and Artificial Intelligence. We aim at easy access to credit for all on flexible EMIs without card.


I don’t have an Aadhaar Card?

Unfortunately we will need to validate your Aadhaar Card number to process the application further. You are required to hold a valid Aadhaar card number in order to complete the application for loan.


I do not have Net banking on my account. Am I still eligible?

Yes, you are still eligible for a loan. You have to upload the last 3 months of bank statement and you are good to go.


I do not have a bank account but can pay in cash. Am I still eligible?

Sadly, you are not eligible in that case. Uploading bank statements is an important part of our process, without which our systems cannot assess the credibility of your loan application.


Are there any hidden charges that I should be aware of?

No, there are no unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden charges at SiCreva. Our pricing is absolutely transparent.


At what stage do I make the down-payment?

You have to make the down-payment and processing fee before completing the loan application. We will process your application after the payment is made.


What if my loan does not get approved after paying the processing fee and down-payment fee?

Don’t worry, we will refund your entire amount if your loan is not approved from our side.


Will late payment of the monthly instalment invite some kind of penalty?

Well a late monthly payment invites a convenience charge along with it. The charge however will depend on your product price.


What happens if I don’t pay my monthly instalment?

Like any other loan, all agreements are legally binding as per RBI regulations and not paying EMIs is a criminal offence in the Indian court of law. After you default on the loan, your personal information is sent to all credit bureaus and banks in India who then subsequently drop your credit score (or CIBIL score). It will become really hard for you to take any bigger loan from any Bank in India in the future as they will see that you have not paid EMIs in the past in your credit history.


What do I do re-payment in case my savings account doesn’t have enough balance at the time of due date?

The required amount of balance must always be maintained at the time of due date for debiting the monthly payment. Insufficient balance would lead to a bounce of payment which is a criminal offence in the Indian court of law. It shall also attract a penalty (same as the convenience fee for a ‘no payment’) and affect your credit score adversely.


Do you have an option of pre-payment of the EMIs?

Yes, our customers can pre-pay the instalments without being penalized.


Can I extend the tenure of EMIs after taking a loan?

Sorry, extending the tenure after a loan has been approved is not possible. :/


What happens if I skip a monthly instalment? Can I pay it at once the next month?

We strongly advise you not to skip paying an instalment. Defaulting on an instalment will dip your credit score and you will not be able to take further loans from any financial institution. Kindly get in touch with us for detailed guidance. You cannot skip the payment for a particular month. Skipping a payment will invite a convenience charges along with the monthly payment.


Once I have paid all the EMIs how do I get a confirmation?

We will send you a No Objection Certificate once you have paid all your EMIs.


What is the minimum Income Eligibility Criteria for loan?

Income ≥ INR 12000 per month ( salaried or self-employed).


What is EMI?

EMI refers to Equated Monthly Instalment. It simply means refers to a fixed amount paid by you (Borrower) to SiCreva (lender) at a specific date every month. EMI enables you to pay a portion of your total outstanding loan principal and interest every month so that by end of the loan tenure your loan is fully repaid.


How do I know whether I am eligible?

Any Indian citizen possessing Pan Card & earning 12000 or more per month is eligible for loan. At SiCreva, we do not measure creditworthiness through traditional channels such as your CIBIL score only. Instead, we study your digital footprint in addition to the information in the public domain such as your Aadhaar number and PAN card to assess how likely are you to repay your loan successfully. Positive spending habits such as paying bills on time, accurate personal information in public domain such as Aadhaar Card, and a good plan for repayment would increase your eligibility.


How to buy products on EMI online?

  • Download the Kissht app and login
  • Click on “Start Shopping” and select your desired product from the list of merchants available.
  • Fill basic information
  • Pay Down Payment & Processing fee (100% refundable if loan not approved by us or if cancelled by user before approval) Upload soft copy of minimum required documents
  • Our credit team will verify your documents and approve your loan accordingly
  • Product is shipped by merchant post loan approval

Alternatively, you can also login to Kissht.com and see the list of online businesses registered with us and choose to shop directly from their respective websites as they will provide you a “Buy on EMI” option at the time of checkout on their website.


How much can loan is available for purchase of product?

You can take a loan for any amount between ₹5,000 to ₹2,00,000


Can I buy multiple product loans at the same time?

At a time, you can apply for only 1 product loan. Another loan can be applied only after at least 1st EMI of previous is paid by you.


What will be the repayment schedule of the loan?

You can choose any monthly repayment schedule of a minimum of 6 months and up to 24 months depending on your convenience.


What are the payment options?

You can use a Debit Card, Credit card or Net Banking to make the down payment on the App. For monthly EMI payments, we will auto debit your bank account using NACH mandates once they get approved. Meanwhile, you can also use the App to make EMI payments.


How will the loan amount be disbursed?

Payment happens to merchant directly, so you do not have to worry about the cash.


Is there any kind of down payment on the products?

Yes, you need to pay a minimum of 10% of the cost of the product you want to purchase as down payment bought directly from our online store.


Do you give interest free EMI’S?

Depending on offers we give time to time or your credit score, we might surprise you with interest free EMIs.


Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges.


What documents are needed to approve a loan?

Documents related to KYC as per regulations are needed.


Do you access my CIBIL score?

Yes, on behalf of our Financing Partner, we have to do it as a mandatory step for verification and eligibility.


I want to purchase later, can I apply for a pre-approval?

Yes, you can take a line of credit and buy later either from us or our merchant partners. For this you need to apply for Digital EMI card.


What is the procedure to return and get a refund for my purchase?

We do not have a return/refund policy. However, you can replace the product in case it is defective/damaged. Replacements are subject to the respective e-commerce portal’s return policy.


What if the delivery is delayed?

The delivery totally depends on our merchant partners! If it’s delayed then that’s unusual. Please get in touch with our customer support team.


How long does it take to get a loan approved using online process?

Once we received all mandatory documents, we will provide approval immediately within 1-2 hours.


What is the process for loan approval?

  • Once you apply for a loan, our credit team verifies your documents within min 4 hrs to maximum 2 hrs.
  • After docs are verified & approved, our team fixes a quick appointment with you and an executive visits your home address or office address to collect your signatures on ECS form and 1 post-paid cheque for the first EMI amount.
  • After our appointment is completed, our credit team gives final approval for your loan at the earliest.


Can I change my loan due date?

Yes, you can change your loan EMI date by paying a convenience fee. Kindly note that EMI dates can be changed only within the available dates for a month i.e. 6th & 9th of a month.


Can members of my family or my friends call SiCreva and get information on my existing loans?

We value the privacy and security of your financial transactions. As a result, account related information is only provided to the customer and not to any family member, friends or 3rd party.


How can I make my EMI payments?

We don’t want to bother our customers with nitty-gritties of EMI. That’s why we set up an Auto Debit Instruction from your savings bank account so that the instalments are automatically deducted from it every month. Alternatively, till your ECS gets registered, you can also pay the EMI amount from your Net Banking, Debit card or Credit Card using the online link for EMI payment available on Kissht App.

Customers can also request for Cash or Cheque pick-up by paying a small convenience fee.


Can I foreclose loan?

Yes, we do provide you the facility to foreclose your loan and it can be done easily online. After successful foreclosure, a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) will also be sent to you on your registered email id.


What are the Foreclosure Charges for any loan?

  • For loans with tenure up to 6 months – 2.5% on Balance Principal Outstanding
  • For loans with tenure more than 6 months – 4% on Balance Principal Outstanding


What are the other charges that may be levied to customers for specific services?

Bounce Charges:

  • NACH Return Charges – Rs.350
  • Cheque Return Charges – Rs.350

EMI Overdue Charge/Late Payment Charge:

EMI overdue charges – 2% per month of loan amount for each overdue EMI

Swapping Charges – Change of registered bank account for loan repayment:

NACH Swap charges (Changing the bank account for ECS debit of EMI) – Rs.500

PDC Swap charges (Changing the Post-dated cheque given for 1st EMI debit) – Rs.500

Other Charges:

EMI date change (up to 25 days) – Rs.200

Cash / Cheque pickup (for EMI re-payment) – Rs.200

NACH Mandate pick-up for re-processing (due to Bank Account / Sign Mismatch): – Rs.200

How much will be EMI

The EMI amount will be calculated by system and displayed to you instantly at the time of application itself. The EMI amount depends on the product value chosen by you as well as the tenure that you have selected for loan repayment.


How much will be processing fee

The processing fee can be a fixed amount or a percentage of product value/loan amount and it dependent on the product and the period of repayment that you choose.

NOTE: Processing fee on new loan application is subject to change from time to time and SiCreva undertakes no responsibility about advising/intimating the Users/Customers about any such changes. To know the latest processing fee applicable to loans kindly email to care@kissht.com.


Is there a requirement of security/guarantor?

No, we do not require any security or guarantor for approving your loan. Once we verify your basic information & documents, your loan will be approved by our credit team.


What is processing fee?

Processing fee is the fee charged for verification of your basic information and documents, getting the same approved by our credit team as well as for pick-up of your first EMI cheque and signed ECS form from your residence or office address. The company incurs a cost for this entire process which is why small processing fee is charged to customers.


Is my processing fee refunded if I cancel my loan application while it is in process?

Yes, we do refund your entire processing fee with down payment when you cancel a loan application while the document verification is in process.

If cancellation is done after all your documents are approved & our executive has completed visiting your address (for pick-up of 1st EMI cheque and signature on ECS form), then only down payment is refundable and not the processing fee. Being said that, cancellation can be done instantly by calling our customer care desk at 022-30148571 or by using Live Chat option inside Kissht App.


How to check status of loan application

You may call our customer care desk anytime between 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on all week days as well as weekends.

Customer service desk can be contacted using the following options:

  • Call to us at 022-30148571
  • Livechat with us from Kissht app or Kissht.com
  • Write to us on care@kissht.com and we will get back to you


Safety of online payment made on site?

The payment made by you online on our website or on our mobile app is fully secured by our trusted payment gateway partner https://www.payubiz.in/ For any payment related issues and queries, feel free to get in touch with our customer service desk at 022-30148571 or write to us at care@kissht.com. You can also use the Livechat option inside Kissht app & Website for same.


How to get refund if you cancel your loan application before approval?

We offer 2 modes of refund as follows:

  • Original Mode refund: In this mode, your refund request is initiated towards the same payment mode from which you had made the payment. For example: if you have paid using yur credit card, the refund will be sent to the same credit card account itself. You can expect to receive the same into your respective account in 2 – 7 working days.
  • NEFT refund: In this mode, your refund request is initiated by NEFT. Here you need to enter your bank details on which you prefer to receive the refund and based on those details only we will refund the amount using NEFT. You can expect to receive the same into your account in 2 working days.

Once your loan application is cancelled, you can select the refund mode of your choice by clicking on ‘Check your refund status’ option available on Kissht app as well as on Kissht.com after login.

Kindly note that if refund mode is not selected by you within 24 hrs of cancelling a transaction, the system will automatically process the refund using ‘Original Mode’ of refund.


How much interest did SiCreva Charge?

The annual percentage rate (APR) depends on the product and the period of repayment that you choose. The APR ranges from 8% to 24%. Being said that, we do offer 0% interest for certain products categories.

How to check details of your existing loan online?

Simply login to Kissht app and check your existing loan details under “My Loans” section in Main menu. It will enable you to check all loan related details like EMI amount, EMI date, total outstanding amount, link for online payment and much more.

Whom to contact for payment related issues?

For any payment related issues and queries, feel free to get in touch with our customer service desk at 022-30148571 or write to us at care@kissht.com. You can also use the Livechat option inside Kissht app & Website for same.


How will I be intimated about payment date & amount?

You will be receiving automated email & SMS before your EMI date on your registered email id & mobile number.

Moreover, in cases of 1st EMI debit by cheque or cases were ECS registration is pending, our loan team also attempts to call customers before the EMI date to inform about the same.


How do I change my personal details such as my address/mobile number/ bank account number? Do I need to send any proof?

For any changes in contact information or personal details, feel free to get in touch with our customer service desk at 022-30148571 or write to us at care@kissht.com. You can also use the Livechat option inside Kissht app & Website for same.


Can I refer friends and earn discounts?

In the home page, there is an option called ‘Earn Discounts’. Please click on that option to get your unique referral code and share it with your friends & contacts.

Ask them to use this code while applying for any loan on Kissht App. For every loan that is taken and fully repaid by your friend, you become eligible for a discount of Rs.300 on processing fees of your next purchase on Kissht App. The more friends you refer, the more discounts you can accumulate.


How many loans can I take?

There is no limit as such on the number of loans that you can take, instead your eligibility is set based on the total amount of loan you take. The total loan amount that you are eligible for is known as the wallet amount and the same will be visible to you on your Kissht App as well as when you login to Kissht.com website.

Kindly note that approval of loans (be it first loan or consecutive loan) completely depends on the credit team.